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Rosin: Leading by Example towards a Strong and Balanced Financial Future

Our Government recently passed the 100-day mark of taking office, and while we have achieved a lot since our swearing-in, we still have a lot of work to do. The next 100 days, and the rest of the days granted to us by the votes of Albertans, will no doubt include many unique challenges.

You have all undoubtedly felt the consequences of the last government’s poor economic and financial stewardship. That is why, on April 16, the largest democratic mandate in Alberta’s history was given to us by you- everyday, hard working Albertans. You resoundingly chose a Government that reflected its people; a Government that values fiscal accountability and prudence, and understands the importance of tightening our belts, pulling up our bootstraps, and working hard when faced with adversities.

Our Government strives to reflect these principles and values of everyday, hard working Albertans in everything that we do. We have made great strides towards achieving fiscal stability and restoring economic opportunity in our province, but getting our fiscal house in order is a task much larger than one bill or initiative.

With the conclusions drawn from our appointed Blue Ribbon Panel, we will be releasing our first budget in October.

As your MLA, and a member of the Public Accounts Committee, I do not take the stewardship of our province’s financial future lightly. I want you to have confidence that every tax dollar spent by your Government will not be squandered on interest payments, but rather will truly result in an improved province for all of us. The decisions we have to make will be difficult, but each decision made will be a step towards ensuring the next generation after us has access to the same Alberta that we all know and love- the Alberta where the only limit to your success is the scope of your own dreams, not your tax return.

To lead by example on our difficult path to balance, we have begun by reducing our own salaries by 5% – $6,365, and the Premier’s salary by 10% – $20,685. Sacrifices will be made, but those need to start at the top.

These past 100 days have given us a remarkable start to getting our province back on track. As we head into the next 100 and beyond, you can trust that we will keep fighting for you, your family, and a bright future for everyone, while continuing to always lead by example.

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